Essential additional informationS : In an ethical and philosophical approach and to safeguard the spirit of this path in our guesthouse, we no longer accept trunks, suitcases and travel bags in our guesthouse, but only BACKPACKS. You can of course have them transported by transport organizations such as Claudine or Malle Postale if you are tired, injured, handicapped or for any other personal reason…

It goes without saying that motorized travelers, follow cars, camper vans, etc. will not have a place with us! We kindly suggest that they contact the appropriate establishments: Hotels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, etc.

We no longer take reservations by phone or email (except ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE or if you are already walking on your way); if you accept our conditions, please send us an email (oustau.grigt@gmail.com) or SMS (06 84 38 14 21)

In the heart of Sauvelade, 600 m past the Abbatiale church and the communal gîte, on the GR65, Jef (a pilgrim) and Lili welcome you to a house entirely restored from eco-responsible materials. In this former village café, they have created a cottage for pilgrims and an alternative culture and music bistro. A shaded terrace and a large garden also offer a lovely place to relax.

For those on route to Navarrenx from Arthez or Maslacq, our pilgrim shelter opens at 3pm while our snack bar/grocery store is open from 8.30 to 11pm offering a welcome break for food and drink, eat in or take away.

During your stay, we do our best to answer your questions and guide you on your journey. We share the chemin’s values, encouraging encounters and conviviality. Dinner is always shared with our guests. Our delicious meals are prepared by Lili with passion, a variety of traditional and regional dishes made with fresh, quality produce from our own garden and local/organic farms.

To find us, follow the GR65 past the site of the former 12th century Abbey, or take the ancient grassy path – a shortcut which crosses the lovely 12th century Romieu bridge and arrives directly at our gîte. You will then have the opportunity to visit the nearby Abbey in the afternoon. Keeping with the ethics of the chemin, we always keep one or two places for the last pilgrims, for the “improbable” and the less fortunate.